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The Mogollon Rim Just about everyone is familiar with the more well-known parts of Arizona: the Colorado River, the Grand Canyon, Lake Powell, Lake Mead and Lake Havasu, with Boulder Dam and Monument Valley, and the Great Sonoran Desert. Now, prepare to experience one of Arizona's best kept secrets... the majestic beauty, peace and tranquility of Central Arizona's mountain resort communities, a handful of quaint towns and villages sprinkled at the foot of the Mogollon Rim.

If you were to drive north for just over an hour from Scottsdale's Shea Boulevard on the Beeline Highway, you'd find yourself right in the geographic center of the state, 4000 feet higher than you were in Phoenix, and fifteen to twenty degrees cooler, no matter what time of year.

You're in the "Rim Country," a four-season vacation getaway that's well off the beaten path. Before you is a spectacular geological formation known as The Mogollon Rim (pronounced Muggy-own). Once inhabited by the ancient Anasazi, this gargantuan 2000 foot escarpment bisects the state from west to east for almost two hundred miles, and towers above the communities of Payson, Pine, Strawberry, Kohl's Ranch and Christopher Creek.

"The Rim," as it's referred to by the locals, is the natural demarkation line between the vast, open rangelands and the Great Sonoran Desert to the south, and the Colorado Plateau, the beginnings of the Rocky Mountains to the north.

These picturesque mountain towns and villages are surrounded completely by National Forests, and exist in a unique temperate zone in which the weather evolves through all four seasons, ranging from mediterranean to alpine, providing a climate found virtually nowhere else in the entire Southwest.

On the drive up from Phoenix, one marvels as the Sonoran Cottonwood, Yucca, Mesquite, and Saguaro give way to grasslands dotted with Oak, Piñon and Juniper. As the altitude increases and the temperature drops, the edges of a vast, forest come into view.

Few know that Arizona contains the world's largest stand of Ponderosa Pine, the source of what environmentalists worldwide describe as "some of the purest air found anywhere on the planet."

The trip up to Payson, the vibrant hub of the Rim communities, is a scenic and gradual climb to just over 5000 feet. Highway 87 continues north to the Village of Pine, and eventually reaches 6500' in the rarefied air above historic Strawberry.

Traveling east from Payson, Highway 260 winds through the pine-clad foothills along the base of the Rim for about 30 miles, through Kohl's Ranch, again reaching 6000' in Christopher Creek and Young. Then, climbing the face of the Rim itself, the highway tops out at 7800 feet near Forest Lakes, and continues on to the twin communities of Heber-Overgaard, where even midsummer nights require a jacket. Here atop the Rim are seven sparkling, clearwater lakes, each with its own unique character and ambiance, and each worth a trip to explore.

Scattered throughout these countless forested acres are numerous lakes, streams, campgrounds, trails, cabins, homes, ranches, lodges, and business opportunities for those of an entrepreneurial spirit.

There is truly something here for everyone, whether that "something" is a remote cabin in the tall pines, a sprawling ranch, or a magnificent cedar and glass contemporary on a mountain top, the Rim Country has it all.

So, just pick a season... here in the Rim Country, we have a spectacular one for any time of the year. Then, come on up and discover one of the last of Arizona's best kept secrets!

If you want to see more before you visit, send for a current copy of the Rim Country REVIEW, an up-to-date, cover-to-cover pictorial catalog of select properties and investment opportunities. See it all... from cabins to castles, from condos to contemporaries... in over a dozen beautiful resort communities surrounded by lakes, streams, and pine-studded National Forests, tucked snugly beneath the towering majesty of the Colorado Plateau's 2,000 foot high, two hundred mile long Mogollon Rim.

Discover Arizona... Discover the Rim Country!

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