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There was no war before September 11, 2001

World Trade Center Attack - Twin Towers Collapse - Attack on the Pentagon
Images rarely, if ever, seen in the mainstream press...

Twin Towers Before the Attack

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Seconds before South Tower Strike      Seconds before South Tower Strike      WTC South Tower Strike      WTC South Tower Strike Sequence


World Trade Center Jumpers 9-11      World Trade Center Jumpers 9-11      World Trade Center Jumpers 9-11
World Trade Center Jumpers 9-11      World Trade Center Jumpers 9-11      World Trade Center Jumpers 9-11      World Trade Center Jumpers 9-11
World Trade Center Jumpers 9-11      World Trade Center Jumpers 9-11      World Trade Center Jumpers 9-11      World Trade Center Jumpers 9-11 The Falling Man      World Trade Center Jumpers 9-11
World Trade Center Victims 9-11


WTC South Tower Collapse      WTC South Tower Collapse      WTC South Tower Collapse
Firemen Amid WTC Rubble      Firemen Amid WTC Rubble      Marcy Borders Covered in Dust of the South Tower      Firemen Amid WTC Rubble      Firemen Amid WTC Rubble
ALT=      Crater Left by Collapse of WTC      Steel Girder Cross Amid WTC Rubble      Close-up of WTC Steel Girder Cross - Epitaph

Bill Biggart / Age 54 / Photojournalist

Series of final photos taken by photographer Bill Biggart, whose camera survived but was himself crushed under the debris of the collapsing tower.

WTC / Both Towers Afire - Bill Biggart      And Then There Was One - Bill Biggart

Survivors / Stunned Disbelief / South Tower WTC - Bill Biggart      The Final Photograph / Collateral Damage - Bill Biggart

Sequence of photos from video camera captures second hit. (These do not enlarge)

World Trade Center Flag

200 Jump, Fall, Leap, Dive and Plunge to Death From WTC
By Dennis Cauchon and Martha Moore, USA TODAY
09/02/2002 - 09:26 PM ET

NEW YORK - USA TODAY estimates that at least 200 people jumped to their deaths that morning, far more than can be seen in the photographs taken that morning. Nearly all were from the north tower, which was hit first and collapsed last. Fewer than a dozen were from the south tower.

At first, it seemed like debris. Large objects were falling from the top of the World Trade Center's north tower, just a few minutes after American Airlines Flight 11 hit.

"It took three or four to realize: They were people," says James Logozzo, who had gathered with co-workers in a Morgan Stanley boardroom on the 72nd floor of the south tower, just 120 feet away from the north tower. "Then this one woman fell."

She fell closer to the south tower, he recalls. Logozzo saw her face. She had dark hair and olive skin, a white blouse and black skirt. She fell with her back to the ground, flat, staring up.

"The look on her face was shock. She wasn't screaming. It was slow motion. When she hit, there was nothing left," Logozzo says.

Logozzo cried, "Oh my God!" and raced for the stairs. When he got to the street 45 minutes later, he looked up. By then, his building had been struck by United Airlines Flight 175. From the ground, he saw two more people jump. This time, they were from his building.

The story of the victims who jumped to their deaths is the most sensitive aspect of the Sept. 11 tragedy. Photographs of people falling to their deaths shocked the nation. Most newspapers and magazines ran only one or two photos, then published no more. USA TODAY ran one photo Nov. 16.

It was worse than people realize.

The jumping started shortly after the first jet hit at 8:46 a.m. People jumped continuously during the 102 minutes that the north tower stood. Two people jumped as the north tower began to fall at 10:28 a.m., witnesses said.

For those who jumped, the fall lasted 10 seconds. They struck the ground at just less than 150 miles per hour not fast enough to cause unconsciousness while falling, but fast enough to ensure instant death on impact. People jumped from all four sides of the north tower. They jumped alone, in pairs and in groups.

Most came from the north tower's 101st to 105th floors, where the Cantor Fitzgerald bond firm had offices, and the 106th and 107th floors, where a conference was underway at the Windows on the World restaurant. Others leaped from the 93rd through 100th floor offices of Marsh & McLennan insurance company.

Intense smoke and heat, rather than flames, pushed people into this horrific choice. Flight 11 struck the 94th through 98th floors of the north tower, shooting heat and smoke up elevator shafts and stairways in the center of the building. Within minutes, it would have been very difficult to breathe. That drove people to the windows 1,100 to 1,300 feet above ground.

There were several reasons more people jumped from the north tower than from the south. The fire was more intense and compact in the north tower. The jet hit higher, so smoke was concentrated in 15 floors compared with 30 floors in the south tower, which was hit on the 78th through 84th floors. The north tower also stood longer: 102 minutes vs. 56 minutes. And twice as many people were trapped on the north tower's upper floors than in the south tower, where occupants had 161/2 minutes to evacuate before the second jet hit.

The New York medical examiner's office says it does not classify the people who fell to their deaths on Sept. 11 as "jumpers."

"A 'jumper' is somebody who goes to the office in the morning knowing that they will commit suicide," says Ellen Borakove, spokeswoman for the medical examiner's office. "These people were forced out by the smoke and flames or blown out."

She says the medical examiner's office couldn't determine who jumped because the injuries were similar to those suffered by the people killed in the collapse of the towers. The manner of death for all those who died was listed as homicide on death certificates.

To make its estimate of the number of people who plunged from the Trade Center, USA TODAY reviewed videos and photographs, interviewed witnesses and analyzed the time and location of the jumping. The newspaper discussed its conclusion with officials in the fire department and medical examiner's office who, while not making calculations of their own, deemed an estimate of 200 jumpers as accurate.

The New York Times counted 50 different jumpers in a review of photographs and videotapes. USA TODAY's estimate attempts to include people whose falls were not documented. Nearly all photos were of the north tower's north and east faces, which were more accessible to photographers coming from uptown Manhattan. But witnesses reported that numerous people leapt from the north tower's south and west sides as well.

On the south side, firefighters reported 30 to 40 bodies on the roof of the 22-floor Marriott Hotel, adjacent to the north tower.

On the west side, falling bodies crashed onto the awning covering the circular VIP driveway. The thudding of bodies at this entrance can be heard on a video taken near there by French cameraman Jules Naudet, whose footage was broadcast on CBS on March 11.

On the east side, people plummeted into the plaza, best known for its globe sculpture. Blood covered the glass walls and revolving doors that led to the plaza from the second-floor mezzanine in the north tower. People evacuating the north tower walked by this horrible sight.

"The windows were red ... and bits of bodies were outside. We were stunned and amazed," says Richard Moller, who escaped from the 78th floor.

After the first jet crash, Port Authority police Officer David Lim took an escalator from the lobby of the north tower to the plaza level, one floor above. He saw a disfigured body near a stage where musical groups performed on the plaza. "I said, oh my God! I've got to call this in. 'I've got a DOA on the plaza.' The desk officer said, 'Are you sure he's dead?' As I'm retransmitting, another body falls."

To be sure, some who fell didn't jump. Witnesses say a few people seemed to have stumbled out of broken windows obscured by smoke. But most say those jumping appeared to make a conscious choice to die by falling rather than from smoke, heat or fire.

Ultimately, they were choosing not whether to die but how to die. Nobody survived on the floors from which people jumped.

Victims who jumped had a profound influence on the evacuation. Firefighters moved their command post away from the building to avoid them. A falling body killed a firefighter. Fire Commissioner Thomas Van Essen, rushing out of the north tower to meet Mayor Rudy Giuliani, was nearly killed when a body landed 15 feet away.

To safeguard people from falling bodies and debris, authorities blocked the main exits from the lobbies to the street. Instead, people escaping from both towers were sent through an underground shopping mall and under the outdoor plaza where bodies were falling.

The sight of people jumping saved lives, too. In the south tower, people had a close-up view of people plunging to their deaths from a building that was a mirror image of their own. "I looked at a couple of people jumping, and that was it. I'd seen enough. I said, 'We've got to get the hell out of here,' " says Jaede Barg, who worked for Aon on the south tower's 100th floor.

Many south tower survivors say the sight of people jumping created an urgency that caused them to leave immediately and ignore announcements that it was safe to return to their desks. About 1,400 people evacuated the upper floors before the second jet hit.

Eric Thompson, who worked on the 77th floor of the south tower, went to a conference room window after the first jet hit. He was shocked when a man came to a north tower window and leapt from a few floors above the fire. Thompson looked the man in the face. He saw his tie flapping in the wind. He watched the man's body strike the pavement below. "There was no human resemblance whatsoever," Thompson says.


Human Debris / WTC 911          Human Debris / WTC 911

Human Debris / WTC 911          Human Debris / WTC 911

A terrific creation by the New York Times showing the World Trade Center towers, the impact of the two planes that hit, stories from a variety of people about their escapes, and more.
Quite well done.

The following are accounts from survivors of the attack on the World Trade Center and the friends and relatives of the victims. The North Tower was the first to be hit... and the last to go down.

Accounts from the
South Tower
Accounts from the
North Tower

For the WTC Jumpers

"And when Satan had finished all the tempting he left Him, to await another opportunity" - Luke 5:13

He came back,
This time for me.
On the 110th floor I was so close to God
I could almost grab his beard.
Never before has heaven been this close to hell.
I can feel its fire on the floors below
Raising ash and paper and smoke
Thick as Satan's laughter.
At the window, shattered,
I look for salvation and he tempts me,
Dares me to jump,
Whispering a psalm in my ear
He spits as he speaks:
"He will bid his angels watch over you.
With their hands they will support you."
I mumble "Amen,"
Close my eyes and sense the rush of air.
I cannot breathe until I finally feel
Those hands of angels
Hard as cement against my face.

by Doug Seubert
Eric Fischl's Tumbling Woman Sculpture

View or Download these video images...

North Tower Hit / Compilation - 8:46 am

South Tower Hit / Compilation - 9:03 am

South Tower Collapse from the Street Below - 9:59 am
South Tower Collapse / Compilation
South Tower Slo-Mo

North Tower Collapse - 10:28 am
North Tower Collapse / Compilation

Although they are still sobering after all these years, you've probably seen those videos before. But unless you've searched for the following clips on the web, it's doubtful you've ever seen anything as shocking as these. Be forwarned - these are hideous acts.

The beheading of
Eugene Armstrong
The beheading of
Nicholas Berg
The beheading of
Jack Hensley
The beheading of
Durmus Kumdereli

"The face of terror is not the true face of Islam. That's not what Islam is all about.
These terrorists don't represent peace. They represent evil and war."

- President George W. Bush, Monday, September 17th, 2001

"Ours is a war against individuals who absolutely hate the freedom that America stands for.
We must work together to defend ourselves. And by remaining strong and united and tough, we will prevail."

- President George W. Bush, Wednesday, November 20th, 2002

"We are not at war with Islam, and never will be."
- President Barack Obama, Friday, September 10th, 2010

"We must also reaffirm that the United States is not
and never will be at war with Islam."

- President Barack Obama, Sunday, May 1st, 2011

"The United States will never wage a war against Islam...
or any other religion."

- President Barack Obama, Sunday, September 11th, 2011

"The Embassy of the United States in Cairo condemns the continuing efforts
by misguided individuals to hurt the religious feelings of Muslims -
as we condemn efforts to offend believers of all religions..."

- Obama Administration, Tuesday, September 11th, 2012

"The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam."
- President Barack Obama, Tuesday, September 25th, 2012

Other video links...

Webcam - NYC - World Trade Center 1

Webcam - Washington DC

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